How Can I Prepare My Car for California Heat?

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Many drivers are conscious of “summerizing” their vehicles when the season changes, but southern California residents are used to soaring temperatures for many more months out of the year. In fact, at least four months out of the year see temperatures rise above 100 degrees on average. So, how can you prepare your car for heatwaves?

  1. Check Your Battery: Heat and vibration threaten the health of your battery, so be sure to get it tested by a trained professional, especially if it is older than three years. A good service technician can tell you if your battery needs to be replaced, or if you’re low on battery fluid, which heat tends to evaporate, causing corrosion.
  2. Check Your Fluids: Maintaining recommended levels of vital fluids keeps your vehicle properly lubricated and cooled to prevent overheating. Don’t waste time having your transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and motor oil topped off.
  3. Maintain Your Engine: Keeping your car in shape means maintaining the systems that maintain your engine, primarily the cooling system. Cooling system maintenance will ensure your engine can perform at its best, so replace your coolant, flush your system, and make sure your coolant is at the proper level. Finally, get your hoses and belts inspected for cracking and wear, which are common in extreme heat as well. Each of these maintenance steps should be done according to your owners manual.
  4. Maintain Your Tires: Routine pressure checks will serve you well in hot climate. You should never drive on under-inflated tires, especially on scorching roadways. Excessive heat could lead to blowouts, and worse, accidents. While you’re at it, tire inspections are worth your while to ensure proper tread depth, condition, and alignment.


For the health of your vehicle and your own peace of mind, trust Volkswagen of Palm Springs to help you prepare your car for California heatwaves. We’re open six days a week for inspections, routine repairs, and more, so contact us at your leisure!


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